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OKC Breakdown For You

I live in Oklahoma City, which is just north of Norman Oklahoma where the University of Oklahoma resides, and south of the campus up in Still Water. Also got the Thunder who play downtown.

VERY conservative area - although it's very social and neo conservative. More positives are that my representatives do seem to be very well versed in nullification. They're pursuing nullifying some federal gun laws in an effort to get gun manufacturers here.

Unemployment rate is better here than the bigger cities, housing market much more stable (affordable) and banks much more viable - smaller banks stay out of derivatives largely from what I can tell. New businesses are going up all over the place.

Good thing about Oklahoma is the people are not in a lot of debt (compared to the rest of the nation) so they have money to spend - hopefully on your business. lol.. It's a very family-centric state, which does lend itself to social conservatism but also to a more stable financial situation.

Anyway, might look OKC up and decide if it's right for you. I always thought of us as the India of America. Businesses move here because of our cheaper labor, which is fine because housing is very cheap here.

Good luck, soldier.