Comment: Very sorry to hear about your dad.

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Very sorry to hear about your dad.

This is worth repeating for you. I would start alkalizing. Make green vegetable juice; detox. Just use any medium priced juicer. Do the research. God bless.

Food Charts - Choose 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods

Gerson Cancer Diet

I believe Dr. Simoncini and many others have been maligned and persecuted for daring to go against the medical-pharmo industry.
"Some of the Many Cases Treated" shows the treatment and results.
Right Column - click on each case to view treatment and results. He provides actual pages from charts and test results. Click to enlarge the pages.

Colon cancer
prostate adenocarcinoma Prostate adenocarcinoma
prostate carcinoma Prostate carcinoma
terminal cancer of uterine cervix Terminal carcinoma of uterine cervix
Peritoneal cancer in adenocarcinoma of endom Peritoneal carcinosis in adenocarcinoma of endom
NHL Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Non Hodgkin Lymphoma
cerebral metastasis in diffused melanoma Cerebral metastasis in diffused melanoma
eye melanoma Right eye melanoma
Ewings Sarcoma Ewing's Sarcoma
lung cancer Lung cancer
relapsing bladder neoplasm Relapsing bladder neoplasm
hepatic metastases from cholangiocarcinoma Hepatic metastase of cholangiocarcinoma
simoncini-candida-cancer-therapy Medullar metastatic compression
simoncini-candida-cancer-therapy Hepatic carcinoma (case 1)
simoncini-candida-cancer-therapy Hepatic carcinoma with pulmonary metastasis
simoncini-candida-cancer-therapy Hepatic carcinoma (case 2)