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There is literally zero

There is literally zero chance that Ikea sold you a wooden sofa that, when properly put together, cannot support 100 lbs. That is preposterous. Moreover, this is exactly ONE experience. You can Google for a bad experience with literally anything and find it. People are much more likely to complain than to praise. As I said, I use a lot of Ikea stuff and never have any problems except one time and it was my own fault. I'd put a lot of money down betting that you put a screw in wrong.

I don't really care about the horse meat. I don't see this being any different than what a lot of American meat companies do. A lot of "meat" products are mixes of various meats, some of which come from animals that don't sound too appetizing.

I don't really care what animal meat comes from and the adverse reaction to horse meat is purely cultural.

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