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No power in speech?

Then why is dictator Obama flapping his lips at one campaign stop after another instead taking, as you say, action? And why do fascist regimes and those who support them spend billions spreading propaganda? Because there is power in speech.

I do not take responsibility for "fixing" the problem, that's what the criminals that run gov't do. They "fix" things is the sense that someone might "fix" a boxing match by taking a fall.

I come from a long line of hard working producers that have made positive contributions to their communities and nation. But one can take responsibility for a problem they didn't create and that's what I do. I do what I can to restore sound money policies and good governance to our nation, even if my efforts seem to be in vain. But that doesn't matter because personal victory is achieved just by taking a stand on principle, no matter the odds. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)