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Why does the mouthpiece run its mouth........its what they do.
His actions speak far louder than his words. The "peace" candidate, words.
The wars.....actions

Mark, as a person living here and advocating a Constitutional Republic then by default you must take responsibility for what your government does. Its our burden we know - Government by the people, for the people. Of course it is your responsibility to pay off the debt our fathers left us.....explain how it is not in the land of personal responsibility ?

Nothing personal here, Mark. Just talking about us, thats all.

Consider this - Man works honestly, buys a house. Saves up his standard 20% and borrows the rest from the "bank". THe bank did not loan him real capital, he loaned him money from thin air. This new money got its value by stealing it from other monies earned, including this mans 20%. So here the honest man goes, paying his loan to the bank. He ends up paying a lot more than he borrowed.....yet the bank did not print the interest monies, they have to come from somebody else. Its real, good men borrow stolen loot and pay back the thieves.....and never once think about the person who lost value to make the original loan from thin air.

The honest man borrowed the money from himself and his neighbors, for its real value was created by inflation. Yet he pays back the bank, who never returns the value stolen to create money from thin air. Is it moral to do this, borrow stolen money and pay back the thief ?