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Comment: Sounds awesome

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Sounds awesome

I love miso, in vegetable soup. Kombucha I love as well. I make my own. I got my starter scoobi from (It grows much better in warm weather, but in Cali, you probably wouldn't have to worry abou that)

Good job Granger. After the fast, I encourage you to give up wheat completely.

Chances are you'll lose weight without even trying, and experience a boost in energy.

I was going to join you on March 1, but it is still so cold here! And it is not good for me to fast during such cold weather. The body is in a weakened state during a fast, and the harsh weather makes it unwise for me to do it at this time.

When is the convention? You'll have to be on guard. You'll be tempted when you're on the road. It is a law of nature.


Good job and good luck!