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It's been amazingly awesome and I am grateful

the back of me feared that this might be very hard, but it wasn't hard at all, and I surprized, but happy for it.

Wheat... I love it too much to give it up.. the only thing I have craved is pizza, and not much. Developed a squash pizza crust made with gluten free flour.. haven't tried it yet.. also want to start fermenting sodas out of fruit and making cashew cheese.

I'm heading to the convention tomorrow 1pm, want to get to Sacramento by sunset.. I feel like I have a front row seat to the end of the party.. that post you made about McConnel.. I'm sure it's because they see we're taking the party and they're bailing. So far what I'm reading about the leadership in CA it's corporate fluff. They seriously need to be given the Liberty message, and I'm happy to help do that. Thank you for the GOOD LUCK.