Comment: All I am saying is that 3000 people are dead.

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All I am saying is that 3000 people are dead.

In heretofore unsolved murders.

I never said you were "guilty of 9-11". I just insinuated that if we ho-hum on the cover-up, then we are part of the problem...and thus the crime. But thank you for your efforts to wake people up so far. You have been at it much longer than me.

I take back my challenging statements in that post (and I apologize to you), and can understand why it was duly downvoted. Although if you haven't seen the AE911 Truth documentary...then you should definitely watch it once your 9-11 overload, wears off.

Moreover, when it comes to the worst mass-murder-event in American history...we have a MORAL responsibility to get to the truth.

And time is ticking. took me 11 years for the neocon brainwashing on me to wear off. Now I am awake. Eyes wide open.

This should be front and center attention to all of us. Every hour. Every day. Until justice is served. Check out my new site at

We need to get traction on starting to prosecute. We can not wait.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.