Comment: Granger, I am going to repeat

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Granger, I am going to repeat

Here is a list off the top my head regarding my concerns:

He misquotes Ron Paul
He blames incest on the mother
He announces taking care of the Malcolm X problem
He doesn't understand the constitution
His handlers say that God speaks directly thru him and then when he speaks he changes the scriptures

The question mark is removed in my mind. And the question mark has been moved from Farrakhan to Granger.

Your song "Let there be Peace" was beautiful. Mr. Farrakhan does not speak those words:

I agree, "There should be MANY speakers for Liberty."

However, Let us be sure the message is Liberty, not hate and fear mongering. I hope that you can listen to the complete link. At time 6 minutes Farrakhan prophecies “by the grace of God:” “It is written that America is going to suffer the worse famine that has ever been seen.” And then proceeds to say that this is what Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:7. And then proceeds to say that we will become cannibals.

If you hear Liberty in the voice of Mr. Farrakhan, then I will vehemently disagree with you. He is a murderer and can barely keep the smile off of his face as he speaks of the evil to befall America.

Here Farrakhan asks the gangbangers to teach his followers the science of war:

That does not sound like peace or liberty to me.

I am seriously questioning your motives, Granger.