Comment: Self Governance

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Self Governance

I agree that calling the cops for most things is ridiculous, but people also have to take responsibility for themselves in communal environments. I live in an apartment building, where due to "fire safety" laws we have to smoke out on the street. I have neighbors who throw their cigarette butts all over the damned place. I am a smoker and I police my butts. If people do things like this either because they don't like the laws/rules or they just don't think pretty soon we won't be able to smoke on property. Those in power just make more rules the more the rules are violated. Obey the laws while you attempt to change them, violating laws only makes those attempting change look bad. I am one of the first people to ask the question, "Where do your rights end and mine begin?", I believe in personal liberty, but with liberty comes responsibility and an obligation to those around you.

...Then they came for me —
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

-Pastor Martin Niemöller