Comment: Excuse me, but, who do you think

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Excuse me, but, who do you think

the people are that make up this revolution? Dr. Paul is 76 years old. Is he one of the seniors that "vote inline" with the msm? Look at the videos of Dr. Paul's speeches. You will see a mix of young and old. You are so blessed to have the modern technology to research and evaluate information. We had 30 minutes of Cronkite and "that's the way it was". Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up at 55 or 60 and find out that it was all a calculated lie? Now, not only do we have the task of trying re-educate our own children but to make sure our grandchildren know the truth. We are getting next to zero interest on our savings, our home values were cut in half, and the thought of retiring is a joke. I ask you to please stop sounding so smug.