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You are a Danger to....

...Liberty, the Constitution and to any movement that desires to achieve liberty.

Your quote, one of a number that expose you:

*****"The constitution and bill of rights gave us rights to bare arms."*****

First off, it is 'bear' arms, not 'bare'. Learn the difference between the two words, for gods sake.

Secondly, the Constitution and its Bill of Rights did not 'give' this fundamental liberty to anyone.

The Bill of Rights merely acknowledged it and 'enumerated' it, in one context, along with a few other, of many, pre-existing natural rights.

AS I said in a previous post, you and Farrakhan seem to hold some of the same beliefs and you have and do continue to attempt to defend the indefensible.

You are a gun-controller and a liberty-fraud, and you, once again, display a grotesque and fundamental ignorance and/or non-belief/non-adherence to fundamental

What a piece of work and how sad that so many are seemingly fooled by you.