Comment: He said it, I'll find the link for you...

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He said it, I'll find the link for you...

How about his Gun Rights quote from your link," Like drugs, prohibition on guns does not address the underlying problem. Until we teach everyone about the power of a gun, and make sure they are properly trained, we will not stop the destruction that guns can create. Why is it that gun buyback programs are advertised on R&B and Hip Hop stations, but not country or AM talk stations? I do not support the disarmament of an entire community. Instead we should build training centers in every community so guns become a tool of self-defense rather than a courier of death."

"Ron Paul said he would have been in favor of paying for health-care if we withdrew from around the World and balanced our budget."

No he didn't."

* I'll try to dig that video clip up, I had to do it for someone on here before. But it's true, he said it.

As far as the 75 things, like I said, I understand the typical libertarian response to progressive policies.

But I think Matt Gonzalez made some good points when speaking at a Rally in SF with Ron Paul, "It isn't a socialist that sends their people off the war."

I'm not a die-hard Alex Jones listener, but in his recent interview with Immortal Technique he said something like, "If they were uniting everyone to be friends it'd be different, but..." Which I think is a good way of veiwing International positions taken by Greens differently than how Democrats talk about it.

I don't agree with the "Tax the Rich" deal, but I'll deal with it (and challenge taxation of income, and most taxes in general as a Green) in order to get the ball moving in the direction of independent candidates getting into office.

You may not agree with Bernie Sanders on most stuff, but I bet you like that he is super critical of the Federal Reserve (you can look up the video of him grilling Bernake, which has been used as a clip in "libertarian" media).

"None of the above. Maybe a libertarian"

* Well, in this particular election, the choices are 1) the Dem, 2) this Rep ( ), 3) Jones, 4) the Socialist candidate, and 5) an Independent that'd "caucus with the Democrats" "if elected."

Serious question, who'd you vote for? Would you not vote? I'm seriously trying to figure out how we can get people into office that are not establishment candidates, that are not stuck in the mind-sets that are keeping us in the problems we have.

Jones would definitely help break some of those mind-sets, and be a voice against War, against the War on Drugs, against the Death Penalty.

Thanks for the comment! I'll post that link when I re-dig it up again.

Jack Wagner