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No! No No !!!

Already been said but worth repeating. DO NOT POISON your children with vaccines.

There is no evidence vaccines work and ample evidence by their own data they cause disease great harm and even kill people.

Vaccines are the pop culture of the medical establishment most believe they are great saviours of man kind but there is no evidence to support it. It speaks to the power of media and propaganda.

Vaccines are claimed to have eradicated things like polio and small pox etc. The interesting thing is during that period those diseases were declining before the advent of vaccines and declined in non vaccinated countries at the same or greater rates then vaccinated countries. Data going back to the beginning of vaccination indicates there is no evidence that vaccines work period but in fact vaccines were often the cause of the disease they claimed to protect against.

As I said vaccines are the pop culture of modern medicine they have been accepted as valid with no scientific evidence to back them up.

A few links to consider.

We vaccinated our children when we didn’t know any better but I would never recommend vaccines to anyone and in fact I would try to talk them out of it,. It is poison and the drug companies make billions peddling it with the vaccine protection myth and politicians have been threatening to make vaccines mandatory as the evidence becomes more available that they are not only worthless but dangerous. That’s what politicians do they ensure markets for the politically connected for otherwise worthless and dangerous products that few would buy without being forced or deceived into believing they were good for them or thier children.

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