Comment: Dear (young) OP, I have a good tip for you

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Dear (young) OP, I have a good tip for you

Dear (young) OP, I have a good tip for you, if you'd feel like digging into the idea...

... you could actually become one of our future billionaires one day (in real money, hopefully), should you succeed, and here it is...

(and other lurkers might be interested, too ;-)

Find ways to produce energy, at much, MUCH lower costs than today's and, WITHOUT THE SHADE OF A DOUBT, than tomorrow's (and note: whether OR NOT sound money is reinstated by then):

See also:

And when I write "much lower cost" - I really mean it : MUCH, MUCH LOWER costs.

I suspect that'll become CRITICAL pretty soon (within a couple of decades only), per the above given, linked elements.

Critical for everybody.

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