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I'll very likely be interested.

I'll very likely be interested.

The making of energy is anything but certainly NOT my domain. I'll be very glad to discover.

I'll PM you when I know I have the time to read and grok that thoroughly enough.

A bit worried, though (and not meaning to debase your idea I don't even know about yet anyway):

is the sound money aspect a strong requirement for implementation / push to the markets?

Because if it is, ... well, you see what I mean - still not exactly a piece of cake to deal and be done with, as we know :(

That's what p*sses me off the most in this banksters and planner leeches-ruled world - the brakes and derived burden on innovation they've had likely forced onto us by now, after 1913, and then 1971, are no doubts absolutely tremendous beyond our craziest nightmares. That's REVOLTING to know we're still enslaved by governments and/or TPTB at a time where universal knowledge itself can technically be disseminated for (still) cheap.

The 16th, 17th, 18th centuries thinkers who all dreamed of our "information age", more or less, to this or that extent, MUST BE turning in their graves today - seeing how TPTB uses our technology to DUMB DOWN and ENSLAVE the peoples. And RAPE them, their sweat, their dreams.

Oh well. Sorry for the rant.

Hey, I might very well be interested to invest a chunk of my real money stack in your idea if it's revolutionary, who knows? ;-) 'just 'hoping you'd keep some of it and NOT turn all of it into fiat/fake monopoly money that is barely worth enough to burn in the fireplace ;-)

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