Comment: I am seriously considering

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I am seriously considering

having a live "chick-cam" so people can see EXACTLY how their food is raised. No "organic" certification, no claims of "natural" even - just "see for yourself."
I am a little worried that watching them grow up might turn too many potential customers off, but I think those that understood what we were doing and why would pay "organic" prices for our chick-cam dinner.
And while we are on the topic...
So, all those "animal hoarders" will be left alone now? No more tattling on the "puppy farms" either? Those situations really bother me. I know of a lady who was told she had to get rid of all her horses and cows, she could not keep up with the feed bill and they were going to come take them from her if she did not get rid of them, so she did. Two weeks later her CHURCH dumped a bunch of unwanted dogs or cats, I forget which, on her. Knowing full well what had just happened to her, and knowing she would be unable to say "No" because that is just how she is. And through all of this, NO ONE seemed to notice that the HUMAN was not getting enough food, either.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.