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I don't blame the

I don't blame the pharmaceutical companies for stopping the supply line to Greece. They're simply reacting to market forces. Nobody would (except apparently GSK and a couple others) can sustainably donate their product to a defunct country indefinitely. The other companies will follow suit as the 3rd payers continue to default on payments and wholesalers continue to export the meds to undercut the prices in other European states. Now there are Greek pols calling for export bans and price floors on meds to disincentive wholesalers from exporting. Of course Greece won't consider for a moment that the REASON meds are so much cheaper in Greece is because they've been exporting Greek inflation for years (in all product lines but especially those industries with direct gov't contracts) via the very nature of having a common inflationary currency and separate national central banks. It's a tragedy of the commons that has produced this imbalance and the current crisis has just exposed it's consequences.

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