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I'll 2nd that...

A large group of us Liberty minded folks in West Michigan all got together, all became GOP precinct delegates, & most have been elevated to state delegates multiple times now. This gives us a political voice, many of us for the first time ever.

We just had district committee caucus and elections about a week ago. We fielded a bunch of candidates and took several district-level seats. In other districts in Michigan, we did even better. In some cases we're sweeping the old guard right out, in other cases we're giving the establishment a serious challenge - irrefutable proof that our movement is a political entity that can not be denied.

And, we are continuing to recruit and grow, dynamically testing and using new strategies to gain members, while the establishment wrings their hands and watches us make inroads at every level.

The Granger is right on the money. You can get involved with us and change the GOP, or you can sit on the side and watch it happen. But make no mistake - it is happening :)