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Not really.

Roads, mail service, and militias all existed before the federal government. You don't need taxes to have government. The government I'm talking about is simple: Members of a society agree to a founding set of rights (Bill of Rights) where individual property rights are the cornerstone. Any positions in government which the people deemed "necessary" would be part time, and filled by those who truly wish to be pulic servants, not those trying to get rich off the people. Government used to be a part time job, and in a free society, where small government is valued, those part time positions would easily be filled by patriots who felt the were called to service, not called to collect a paycheck. In a "Ron Paul" type country, this government would be so small that it really doesn't need to be paid for. They don't need to build roads, deliver mail (Lysander Spooner is a great example), or keep a standing army. Militias are part time volunteers and remember that when the colonies needed them, they joined. We didn't need them full time. In short, government doesn't require taxes because the only just government is one that doesn't steal from the governed. In that sense, all I mean when I say I support unalienable rights in a free market is that I support the people adhering to personal property rights, and when they don't, the volunteer government steps in to help individuals protect those rights.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).