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My Advise

Hey young one :) Here is my advise, I would not take a gap year. I know you say that you are not lazy, but it is VERY hard to return to school after taking time off. But, even if that was not an issue, it is still harder to return to school after taking time off. It is much better, for both your grades and for your mental well being, to stay in the "school" mode. You would be surprised at how quickly you can fall out of that routine and how much you will forget in one year.

So, the solution is to take the Federal Aid to pay for your first semester or save up enough money to pay for it yourself when the time comes. The cost of one semester is not that much and you can even stack your course schedule so that you would not have to pay it all at once...This will give more time to save up money that you will not have to borrow. However, it is important to get a job ASAP, if you do not already have one. Work your way through school, both college and high school. From my experience, those of us who worked through school made better grades and were better for it. (Don't buy into the BS that you cannot work and go to school, I worked 40+ hours a week and went to school full time and still graduated with a 4.0 GPA and top of my class).

You can pay off one semester of loans easily and will avoid all interest if you pay it off before graduating.

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