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"I'll try to dig that video clip up, I had to do it for someone

There is none.. What you and many others on the socialistic side do is misrepresent and spin. What he says about those systems IS that they wouldn't be in the mess they are now IF we had done A or B and those that WANT it COULD have it but that's not the progressive way of taking others peoples money so that you can have it. It's a voluntary system.. period.. anything other than that is an enemy.

You want to have social programs? Go for it but forcing someone else to go along with it will not be tolerated, anymore. That idea, either by pen or gun will be eradicated.

"But I think Matt Gonzalez made some good points when speaking at a Rally in SF with Ron Paul, "It isn't a socialist that sends their people off the war."

I don't give a fuck about a few good points. Hitler probably made a few good points too considering he got a whole nation to follow his crazy ass.

"You may not agree with Bernie Sanders on most stuff, but I bet you like that he is super critical of the Federal Reserve"

You play political jockeying moves.. trying to get someone to agree a little here.. trying to creep into the conversation. You'll never make any headway with people like me because someone "says" they are for this or that.

Sanders is a POS socialist that doesn't understand the first thing about Liberty nor does he care for it.. People like him seek power and money.. Power to lord over others and money that brings that power with all of the trappings.

"I'm seriously trying to figure out how we can get people into office that are not establishment candidates, that are not stuck in the mind-sets that are keeping us in the problems we have."

No you're not.. you're seeking to get progressive candidates into office and you hope to use Ron Paul's call for "alliances" to do it.

All forms of socialism and fascism need to be purged by any means necessary so that we may start over. You want representation, you'll have it in a Libertarian society because you'll be free to do whatever you want.. Form your own social security.. form your own paths to anything that your little hearts desire but don't you dare try to effect policy that seeks to curtail/abolish another person rights through force because people like me will see you as an enemy and rightly so.

You want us to work together? Show me that you can hold to Libertarian ideas and principles and still hold your ideas through those and in doing so, show me in your actions by picking people who can do the same.

Your buddy Jones doesn't respect those ideas because if he did, he wouldn't be wrong on those 75ish things.

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