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You're getting the wrong impression

I actually despise Texas Brine, one reason why I don't work there anymore. You have to understand that this has been an on-going situation for months. So the only potential disaster is if the sinkhole expands large enough to communicate with nearby wells. If this well started blowing out and you saw 200 foot of fluid in the air you could then worry. Gas bubbles up in lakes every day, and methane bubbles up in Louisiana swamps every day. Obscene amounts of hydrocarbons seep up from the sea-floor every day. Don't try to insult my intelligence with this "professional blind spot" junk. I'm telling you a simplified version of how uneventful this situation currently is. The question you should be asking is why hasn't there been a 3D seismic survey to assess the downhole expansion and how that is evolving over time. Then you can figure out the risk this sinkhole poses to communicating with other wells. Until that is done, everything else is purely assumption with limited information. You also have to determine how much, if any natural gas is posing a risk to be released to the surface if any further downhole expansion takes place. If the weight of the fluids downhole are similar, there will not be a rapid release. Natural gas because of it's nature to expand as the hydrostatic pressure becomes lower closer to the surface is the only major threat.

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