Comment: Sodium Bicarbonate In The Prevention and Reversal of Disease

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Sodium Bicarbonate In The Prevention and Reversal of Disease
"This year the same researchers reported that sodium bicarbonate increases tumor pH (i.e., making it more alkaline) and also inhibiting spontaneous metastases (Robey 2009). They also showed that oral sodium bicarbonate increased the pH of tumors and also reduced the formation of spontaneous metastases in mice with breast cancer. Oral administration of sodium bicarbonate also reduced the rate of lymph node involvement.

Both Dr. Moss as well as Dr. Simoncini, an oncologist from Rome, Italy, found it striking that the oral administration of bicarbonate was able to reduce the spontaneous formation of metastases in mice with breast cancer. Dr. Moss stated, "This is impressive work that needs to go forward." Sodium bicarbonate has been used for decades in chemotherapy, but until the last few years, baking soda has received little attention. Now, in great part due to the work, clinical research and reporting of Dr. Moss, Dr. Simoncini and Dr. Robert O. Young, Director of the pH Miracle Living Center and founder of the New Biology(R), there are over 50,000 web sites with information on this subject.

There is little dispute that cancer is an ACIDIC condition which can be measured in terms of tumor pH. During many years of previous clinical research preceding Dr. Moss and Dr. Simoncini, Dr. Robert O. Young, the world's leading nutritional microbiologist and live and dried blood microscopist, had long reported that cancerous tissues are significantly more acidic than normal tissues. Dr. Young also reported that manipulation of pH with oral and/or intravenous sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate can help to restore healthy tissue and reverse cancerous conditions."