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While I agree that there are extenuating circumstances

that might cause someone to resort to an extreme reaction there is a line many would refuse to cross when it comes to children. There is such a thing as being "inherently evil" and these individuals who burned the children and their guardians alive certainly could be placed into that category. There was not even a "fight or flight" circumstance that could possibly justify the actions they embarked upon. The ATF went into Waco with an arrogant "we'll own them" attitude and their trigger happiness elicited an appropriate response from those they attacked. The attitude that unless you "surrender all to the authority we have been given" creates a god like persona which, when given to an unstable individual, leads to disasters such as this. I'd certainly have to take issue with your refusal to describe them as monsters. I'm not forgiving enough to hate the deed and not the doer, particularly when the deed will be repeated ad naseum and I, as well as many of us here, might be the next one in their cross hairs.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.