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Comment: Reason for delay for Police Dpt. report?

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Reason for delay for Police Dpt. report?

Imho, the Feds want this to just go away, so they can cover up the reality. If they flood the Cable TV networks with other "news", they know that the masses will forget about it, as they go on with their lives, day by day. They are right about that. Most people do this. Their senses are big, when Big Media is sensationalizing which helps the Feds get THEIR biggest bang for their PROPAGANDA BUCK that they can get.

But, what the Feds don't get is that they underestimate word of mouth, plus all the highly intelligent & techie type people who are dogging their every minute, just hoping and praying that those people, who are responsible for these acts of inhumanity, are caught red-handed...someday.

A delay makes it go away~~