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Death Certificate Limits

Death Certificate Limits Mulled By Newtown Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia After Sandy Hook School Shootings

By SUSAN HAIGH 02/22/13 05:24 PM ET EST

First of all, reporters want "proof" that the children are actually dead, AND they want the manner & causes of death.

A death certificate DOES NOT put phone numbers on these reports!
A death certificate gives the "Cause of Death", and the "Manner of Death".
Little kids do not have SS#'s, so no need to worry about that.
A death certificate verifies DEATH.
A death certificate DOES NOT state which cemetary a body is in! It just states which funeral home handled it. That's all. So, the Clerk of Court's objection is unfounded, imo.

That's basically all the reporters want is the verification of death, and they have a right to see it. There would be nothing personal on there about the children. It would NOT give where they live, though, it would give where they died.