Comment: New Hampshires legislators

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New Hampshires legislators

New Hampshires legislators all earn $100/year. With such a ceremonial amount, they could easily be asked to forgo the $100.

So you could get the laws for free. The violence to enforce them is where money is needed. Perhaps volunteer police like volunteer firemen?

Say a very small sovereign (a small town of 10K) unanimously decides it's going to use democracy to elect volunteer legislators to make a very thin roster of laws like no murder, no assault, no stealing, no fraud, and no polluting your neighbors yard or the commons.

Then do-gooders around town volunteer to be volunteer police (for people without private security) . They all have cell phones and when someone hears of a crime, they give a ring, and the volunteers grab their shotguns and dash to duty - leaving their day jobs or dinner tables or whatever - to go stop the bad guy.

That might mostly work somewhere. At least for a while.

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