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Nation of Islam

To me, the name, Nation of Islam, would appear that they would be seeking a treaty, not another unconstitutional right under a constitution that never worked for them.

For example, The Catholic Church is universal, it's not the only gloabl Church, so is the Nation of Islam, (many more)they are global.

As a Catholic, and I suggest this could be true for other religions, our history tells us that governments come and go. Where I live are families that lived here when it was Mexico. Governments come and go. So whatever government is occuping the land and making laws, a religious nation would want treaties to thrive where the occupation is. That is my guess.

That's why I suggest treaties, because some believers always put GOD first and never the governement, and why they feel so oppressed under a government that denies God exists except with their dealings with the federal reserve bank notes, "in God we trust".