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In terms of how the govt

In terms of how the govt currently operates, it can be said that it is 100% pro-aggression. If your only alternative to that is a pure 0 then what you want will never happen. However, if you can have a person that is able to cut that 100% number down to 75% and keep cutting down the aggression going forward then that is an admirable endeavor. The fact is that we live in a country that is made up of people that very few of have in depth knowledge nor care about the overall trend of aggression in society. Ron educated and reawakened enough people to get the ball rolling on showcasing the amount of aggression that currently goes on. He paved the way for a libertarian to make it to the Senate and subsequently his endorsements have gotten quite a few good conservatives and libertarians into the House. Restoring the GOP towards a liberty bent is being successful and only works if people stay engaged and don't bow out, if nothing else support those that are taking on the fight head on. We need to continue to change the shape of the Congress as well as those that are in leadership roles in the party itself. If we can continue to build on our current successes we'll be better off for it in the years to come. Treat it like a marathon; steady pace but never quit else the opposition fills in the void. What better hobby can a liberty lover have than to keep lobbying for it..