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I'm sorry I do not understand how I got ONE single down vote

Everything I said is true.

Blacks, Women, and Indians are freer today then in 1860.

And ALL white men (mostly referring to non-WASP and non-landowning) are freer today then in 1790.

IF -- IF you believe that voting and lobbying is a pathway to liberty.

If you are like me and do not believe that you can abdicate consumer sovereignty nor bribe your way into liberty then in "some" regards white men are not freer (the non-WASPS and non-landowning from 1790) as compared to today.

But ALL blacks, Indians, and women are freer today then in 1790, 1860, and 1920.

If you understand the NAP and Consumer-Sovereignty then you MUST agree with the above.

During the Black Codes and much of Jim Crow a black man could be imprisoned for simply being un-employed -- Chain Gang Work (remember).

Are we ALL "free" (in Mises terms) today -- no, of course not.

My argument is we need to stop "harking" back to "freer" times when those times get progressively worse the further you go back.

If you term things in literal tax dollars thefted, sure we are less free. But Blacks - Women - Indians could not own the true value of their labor, they had little to no rights, and they could not vote -- let's ignore land-theft, broken treaties, slavery, and what happened to widowed or divorced women.