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Comment: If you want "liberty" you must think as an "individualist" not

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If you want "liberty" you must think as an "individualist" not

a group-think religionist.

YES YES there's a difference between spirituality and religiosity or churchianity.

An "oath" or a "promise of hell-fire" is not too different than saying "I'm going to pray for a libertarian gov't"

In fact voting and lobbying is part of the insanity -- the "hope" that if you bribe well enough a politician that he will stick to his guns or get "anything" done (in Misesian Liberty Terms) once in office is nothingless than "prayer" -- hoping.

If you guys like the Founders so much, how did they get their liberty -- was it "prayer" or bloody rebellion, treachery, back-stabbing, sneakery.

You guys are trying to gain liberty in the one way that has never worked once in all human history -- by using a tool of corporatism (ballot box) and the repetition of dis-proven tactics (protesting - belly-aching) -- by "civil" means.

In fact liberty has never been attained (not for all people of said lands). Not violently and not civilly (atleast not by the methods we are currently using or that we have used).

Make a list of all the things we've tried to institute a Misesian type free-market -- then put an X or an O by it for "failure" or "success" (respectively).

There should ONLY be "X"'s