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Comment: Guilty of coming off like that, I will grant you.

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Guilty of coming off like that, I will grant you.

I just have a really hard time with people who rise up out of no where and are suddenly the darling of the liberty movement. How did he wind up at HuffPo? If they want a real "grassroots" perspective, how about put Cat Bleish on staff? Or Nystrom? There are all these people who "earned their stripes" but they never rise to the limelight. Instead, the media presents us with "our" next "voice." Paul Simon put it well - "Every generation throws a hero up the pop chart."
It is really not about Koerner, it is about feeling like I am being manipulated by a media desperate to keep my attention. I get the same willies from Ben Carson, and he has not said one word that offended me. It is just the way he is being crammed down my throat.

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