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You really think Campbell is

You really think Campbell is a source of info on the WAPF? That explains why you take issue with them. It'd be like me making judgements about PETA by using sources provided by a slaughter house.

"Fat" is a relative term. I happen to think being skinny is very unhealthy, especially as one gets older. In fact, some studies suggest that gaining 10 pounds every decade after 30 is protective against disease. Don't judge a book by its cover. Some people naturally put on more weight. There are thousands of examples of people who have been eating traditional foods for years and are not "fat." In addition to modern folks eating this way, look at any hunter-gatherer/traditional culture.

One person's experience feeling sluggish on a diet does not make the diet bad. There are many factors that can contribute, such as digestive ailments, constitution, source of food, eating patterns, etc. I felt sluggish when I tried eating a lot of meat and it was because my body basically forgot how to digest it after years of being vegetarian. I adjusted over time.

Re: members: I see the **sponsors.** I just don't see the list of "members," (who are people like me) that you speak of. A sponsor is not a member.

Have you looked into some of the very positive work the WAPF does for food freedom yet?