Comment: Ron Paul practiced scientific-based medicine.

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Ron Paul practiced scientific-based medicine.

Please do not lump him in with medical quacks.

I seriously doubt you have experienced the practice of medicine first-hand, because as a soon to be doctor, I assure you that there is no code of silence. There is no fear of being thrown in prison for going against the medical establishment, as medicine is not some unified conspiracy. Sometimes there are as many medical opinions and treatments for a particular case as there are doctors evaluating the patient. There is a fear of being sued by patients, but not by Pharma.

To you it might seem like there is a massive medical conspiracy because you are promoting quackery. When the scientific method proves something to be nonsense, a consensus tends to form. It's not because the evil ILLUMINATI EUGENICISTS NWO ROCKERFELLERS are brain-washing us and making us surrender to fear, it's because the pseudoscience is plainly wrong.