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Comment: To answer You and Tommy

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To answer You and Tommy

There is another form of political "strategy".. It's called sticking to your guns or principles..

Do this and you will eventually win over the naysayers because people respect uncompromising people and ideas especially when they see them coming to fruition.

Dr.Paul's ideas are becoming "mainstream".. I just posted a personal story about a woman that, completely on her own at the age of 65.. a republican for most of her life, make the "shocking" statement that "We missed our boat with that libertarian guy".

At NO TIME in recent history has there been such an enormous time to seize the libertarian day as we are in now. We don't need incremental-ized steps toward Liberty, not politically.

What we need are people yelling at the top of their voices the libertarian viewpoints at all levels of government offices and throughout as many arenas as we can possibly get in. Standing TALL for the principles that Dr.Paul has put forth.

If you do anything less.. you risk other now mainstream political corruptness in thought, creeping into what you're trying to accomplish..

All throughout political history, you can see the watering down and dumbing down of opposing rhetoric to status quo rhetoric.

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