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I was at the recent MIGOP

I was at the recent MIGOP state convention as a delegate as was my dad and plenty of other people I know. In my district 12, we elected at least one RP person to the state committee and a few other decent conservatives, we also elected at least a handful of solid libertarian republicans to the district committee as well as getting the guy who nominated my buddy for state comm in as district chair. If we had just another 33 votes overall, we could have gotten the state party chair and really changed things over night. One doesn't have to be on some Rand bus to be active in one's state party and be a warm body to vote on crucial things. Having a solid state chair would change the biz as usual and would influence currently elected politicians as well as future prospects. We could also change from a primary system as far as picking party nominees to convention/caucus style where the big money can't buy nominees. We could change the dynamic of the Senate in a few short terms by nominating solid conservative-libertarians across the board and neutralize anything that Rove and his big money machine are doing to spite us.