Comment: Please treat this conversation with respect

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Please treat this conversation with respect

**** First let me apologize, I seriously cannot find the link. I had re-posted it on here, but I just spent digging through my comments and will need to go through them (rather than the titles and dates). Another fellow that was equally steadfast was questioning the quote as well. If I stumble across it I'll link it up.

* Second, We are both adults, please refrain from disrespecting this serious conversation with profanity and hyperbole.

Coalition doesn't mean you agree on everything. If LeAlan Jones was a pure libertarian than there'd be no need for this conversation. We have this conversation because it is often difficult to see past difference and see how we can work together.

Watch this:

"I got progressives and libertarians and conservatives together and we actually had an agreement that we shouldn't be having deficit financing, we didn't agree on where to spend and who to tax." - Ron Paul

Here's Paul's budget; - Medicare and Social Security are still there.

If I find that video I'll post it up. It is similar to the quote posted for this video:

"We'd have trillions of dollars to spend if we didn't have these wasteful wars."

Paul is for a full free market system, but he has made the point that if we ended the wars it'd be a much less volitale debate, we could take care of those that are dependent on the system and transition to a free-market system.

I have no problem with a public opition in conjunction with "more freedom" (interstate insurance, the use of generics, price competition, and no mandate). But, as a Green that supports a public option, I see the libertarian approach being beneficial toward reforming the system in general (and to start with) that'll make it better for all.

Jack Wagner