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Comment: Its going to be really tough for TPTW (the powers that were)

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Its going to be really tough for TPTW (the powers that were)

to get a false flag past us anymore. Although they have been able to keep the dollar on life support for longer than I expected...TPTW are starting to have their hands full. Their presstitutes and propoganda are less influential with each passing day. Their "go to" distractions and fear mongering are starting to get little more than casual nods of indifference.

I have been working to help wake people up since 2009 and I'm FINALLY starting to sense an increasing number of Americans who are being forced to wipe the dried crust out of their eyes.

More people are questioning (and then) ignoring our so called leaders. My nipples get hard when I think about the day when we finally reach the tipping point and just a majority of the 99% have figured out that the only way we can affect change is to stop giving the 1% our sanction through acquiescence.

When the slaves all stop paying attention to the masters and when the words and actions of "our rulers" mean NOTHING to us...TPTW will become weaker and weaker. As the truth snowball keeps rolling down hill and picking up speed, TPTW are going to start $hitting their pants!