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Comment: "What is ideal money?"

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"What is ideal money?"

One that has unfettered monetary competition under which all are chained to the Golden Rule
"I don't want to get far off the Public/Private work that interests me at the moment, because I need help on that subject,"

Am I supposed to be doing something on that right now, or are you preparing the ball for return?
"even if it turns out that you are not as you say you are,"

I certainly am not perfect. I am just a regular person. It is funny, today I was wondering if you were trying to entrap me because you said the words “trading with the enemy.” Like you might be baiting me down some road that I don’t even know I am going down…like some kind of sting and I am going to get in big trouble for being the publisher of “Joe Quotes.” Especially after you handed me that Castro blog about some one’s eyes being gouged out…thinking some day that I will have to answer the hard way for talking to you.

I am sorry the Russian guy did not write back. It makes me feel a twinge of sadness for you because I think you were enjoying the opportunity to engage with him since his ideas come from a different mindset. I am glad you are talking with you brother. Josf, you are hard to understand. I think it is your genius at work. You understand what you are talking about inside out and can see everything at once since you have circled it so many times. Some people, like me, are at a different level and have to work to understand. I can understand a lot of what you say now. Maybe I have changed, maybe you write different. I don’t know. I just know I appreciate your help. I have learned a tremendous amount of information and have resources to go back and someone to bounce ideas off of.

Like this one: Granger seems to think the US Government should make a treaty with the Nation of Islam. I cannot for the life of me figure out where she is coming from. And when I read her comment it sounds like she is saying one thing and then goes and says the complete opposite.
“You miss the point. Monopoly is Global, it has been Global for centuries, demonstrably so, in fact.”

When I say one world currency I am not seeing the big historic picture like you. I am thinking of everyone everywhere using the same kind of money. A Global Currency with no exchange into other types of yen or euros or pesos or dollars whatever.
“Yes, in their own documents, their own Web Pages, they shamelessly report that power to "Double the money supply" at will. They doubled the money supply in 2008 and doubled it again since, if their own reports can be trusted, and what are they buying”

This guy in this video is telling Bernanke about the fact that the people’s money is being diluted

Bachmann had the nerve to ask if we could get our money loans from someone besides the fed:

I was going to attach those links to your Liberty Day Challenge as I thought they would be interesting to you, but I have included them here since we are talking about printing money.
“All that searching for tactical reasons for this officer to fight this battle, tactically, misses the point. The tool used is a Legal Money Monopoly Power, that tool moves Power from those who create Power to those who steal it, and they the tool used to keep that power, a very expensive hobby, is dividing and conquering the targets, because failure to divide and conquer the targets will allow the targets to grow to a level of power in which they won't be targets anymore.”

Seems to me they need to get a life and quit ruining everyone elses.

Thank you for your help.