Comment: Each person must be diligent in doing the research

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Each person must be diligent in doing the research

and not blindly rely on anyone else. I advocate no treatment, but personally I would never rely on the present medical system before exploring all options. I have seen too many of my own family members harmed by this robotic pill, chemical, radiation pushing system, and too many doctors who know nothing beyond prescribing pills. So many are too lazy to THINK.

Now some doctors are thinkers and have the courage to try something else. THEY are the ones I admire; not the conformists who just plod along with what they learned in text books and from the pharmaceutical pamphlets that tell them what to do. Every protocol in hospitals is a list of drugs to prescribe. Some people go home with three pages of pills. Even nurses are beginning to shake their heads asking Why? I am one of them. And so are some doctors asking.

Good luck to all of you. Think for yourself. For anyone interested here are a few cases Dr. Simoncini treated with results. He is one among MANY who dare to go against the system and try something different. He is not the only one. You do not have to go to Italy for treatment or pay a lot. Do the research and start by eating the alkaline diet 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods. Be responsible.
or go on the Gerson diet that has helped many. Be your own savior.