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Poem by Jonathan Star

I Know the Secret

I know how this universe began. I know the impulse,
I know the wonder. I know because I am here, now,
At the very center of creation. So, how did it all begin?
Did God say, “Let there be light”?―No, something was there before,
Something impelled God to say those words.
Did God say, “I am one, let me become many”?
No―something inspired God to want to become many.
I know the secret because my heart
Is creating the universe right here, right now.
And as you are so dear to me, I'll tell you
The secret of creation―it's nothing but love.
It’s really that simple. There is love and that love is full,
And that love does not want anything other than itself . . . yet,
That love always seeks to be fuller, greater, richer than itself.
It is ever-seeking new ways to express
Its never-ending glory. It is beauty ever-becoming more beautiful,
Fullness ever-seeking to become more full. It is you
Ever becoming more of who you truly are.
Love encompasses the whole universe yet is ever-wanting to be more.
It's the endless cascade of overflowing delight. . . .
We know that the universe is expanding faster and faster every moment.
And why is this so?
It’s nothing but love being itself.

-Jonathan Star