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[[[[ Granger ]]]]

"I am saying that when one has been around long enough, as you, it gets to the point that you could join us on the front line and you don't for fear of being chewed up and spit out. Well I went and I was not chewed up and spit out anymore than I feel rejected on DP because of the downvotes."

Points of Clarification:

For one: Granger, I do NOT fear getting chewed up and spit out. In fact, it is MY wrath that they have to deal with. The problem is being accepted, as even the so-called republicans think that socialism is becoming more of a need today than before.

I AM on the front line. I personally may not have a committee seat, but do not discount or discredit my direct involvement. Though extremely challenging, I have been making in-roads which will hopefully position others to grow our movement.

Do not let the downvotes get you down. Reflect on them, and if worthy, grow and learn by them :-)

Granger, once again, BEST of LUCK!!!!!!!

Btw, what color did you do your nails??????

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul