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Granger, the problem is not the Constitution it is the

Unconstitutional exercise of government. If the criminals in the government will not follow the constitution, do you think the will follow a treaty?

The unconstitutional exercise of government has no right to tell Catholic hospital anything. My favorit hospitals are Catholic. They are different. They are not sterile and cold. They are warm and there is a spirit of care about.

We have a rogue government and that is why Ron Paul and the goal of the Daily Paul is to RESTORE CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT.

Not government by will, but government by law.

We have people in government exercising their wills and making laws that make their illegal activities legal.

There are many factions in the muslim faith. I suppose like Christianity. That is why Malcolm X was killed :

"Eventually, Malcolm X took the name El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz after rejecting the Nation’s beliefs and accepting traditional Islam."

It is also interesting that their original "white" leader went missing. :

"Wallace Fard Muhammad (born 26 February 1877) was the founder of the Nation of Islam. He made himself known in Detroit in July 1930. He taught Islam among the city's black population. He disappeared in 1934. Most researchers identify Fard as Wallace Dodd Ford, a former restaurateur and Moorish Science Temple leader. The Nation of Islam has rejected this claim and considers him "Master Fard Muhammad," the manifestation of Allah."

I think if the US government starts making "treaties" with American groups, we will be devided even more. There should be no rules better or worse for anyone and when the Government lives within and upholds the Constitution it will be so. The problem is that there are many criminals in government offices and their thoughts are not for the people but for control of the people for their own evil purposes.