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I agree bear

it's not the constitution bu the unconstitutional preciedents that begat more precidents rendering us to the likes of the Nation of Islam.. all these tribes with no treaties in the USA.

But the government is telling Catholic hospitals.. and that's one reason I'm motivated to be involved.. I hear the voices and see the wrongs, so I'm stepping up to restore the republic.. and my Church supports me, in my support if it's right to operate without unconstitutional government control.

Ron paul and the DP talk about we. We learn and discuss ehre.. we debate and vote at conventions and I'm proud to be standing for this community and my own.

No matter how one looks at it, the Nation of Islam is a hard story to tell, very sad, from outseod and self inflicted. Still, there are many people, who if we met them on the street, we may not know them as a member, and if we found out that they were, would we not invite them in? Everyone is an individual.. so I say yes.

No one has to agree with RP or LF 100% to appreciate liberty 100%.