Comment: How to unite Libertarians? That depends...

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How to unite Libertarians? That depends...

It depends on what you mean by Libertarian. If you mean Anarchist; just hold up a black flag and start screaming: "You're all a bunch of sheep and retards!" Before you know it, you'll be surrounded by Anarchists, aping you, and cheering you on.

If by "Libertarian" you mean somebody who advocates for and defends liberty, you'll need to offer people the proper definition of government, something that uses collective force to defend liberty, ie to serve justice.

You'll have to offer people justice rather than injustice, and the people that matter will hear you and listen.

There's NO useful purpose for Anarchists unless your agenda is to destroy, and then uniting them (using them) is as easy as screaming: "I'm an enemy of the state!" It's like a sirens song that gets them every time, and as victims of causality, they're doomed to be united and destroyed by justice.