Comment: (Flynt) Leverett is an interesting guy. I'll be reading the book

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(Flynt) Leverett is an interesting guy. I'll be reading the book

I haven't read the new book yet, but I read his earlier one (on Syria and the Assad family).

And I know Flynt Leverett personally. He's definitely not a libertarian (he supported Obama in 2008), nor is he a non-interventionist (more of a defensive Realist), but he's a thoughtful potential ally on foreign policy issues. He's been very critical of the Obama administration's handling of Iran. His wife has actually negotiated with Iranian officials at the U.N.

So, this promises to be a great book from someone who's not a doctrinaire non-interventionist, but that will likely support our arguments in the upcoming years.

Unlike the neocons, whose arguments are slanted and deny reality, Leverett is cool in that he can respectfully tell you how different people view the world. Sure, he's got his opinions (which map onto our pretty nicely when it comes to the Middle East), but he's not a deceitful jerk like a neocon, an anti-Israeli activist, or a pro-Israeli apologist. Bottom line: he's a straight shooter.

I'm going to be picking up a copy, too.