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Comment: I've been following this for a long time--

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I've been following this for a long time--

is this sort of thing connected to or related to the kind of thing that purportedly happened in LA--

with the 'alleged' girl showing up in the water tank?

Is this non-news or faux news?

I'm very confused; I know that many of *us* are confused; I wonder if it is because I haven't had media (television or radio) news for decades (40 for television, 20-25 years for radio)--

I know there is manipulation taking place, but WHY?

Wait a minute; I can imagine the 'whys'; it has to do with control of American response, obviously, control of knowledge--


I don't have TV/radio--

it seems that the only recourse is to encourage everyone to use their televisions/radios for target practice?

There is a corner in my brain that 'senses' that only those who have had experience with:

reality shows, TV documentaries, long term "news" watching, etc.--

will really be able to understand this.

It's over my head--

I also don't go to theatre movies, and I seldom watch 'new releases'--

I watch obscure movies--

foreign films a lot--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--