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Ron endorsed my new senator, Ted Cruz.

I supported Addison, because he was the better candidate.

I don't consider anyone, Ted Cruz included, a traitor to the movement per se. I don't think Cruz was a part of the movement.

Rand...I'm on the fence about. I put my trust in Ron Paul fully because of his history. We can not write off someone from a few years of service; especially when we're in an economic crisis.

Regarding the war-like actions certain senators have taken, such as voting for sanctions on Iran, I believe they've gone overboard.

Personally, if I were to cast a vote for Cruz or the Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst, it would be an absent vote for both.

After his activist questioning of Hagel, it is just too hard to take him seriously. I haven't read any liberal accounts or articles of the situation. It is from my own research on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that I base my decision. I am pissed to say the least.

Anyway, if Rand Paul were the best choice at tomorrow's presidential election, then you're damn right I would spread the word like I did Ron Paul and become a delegate in his honor.

Love thy enemy.