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Comment: One more thing I'd like to point out...maybe more later. :)

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One more thing I'd like to point out...maybe more later. :)

"This is not your grandfather's Conservatism."

Check these two lines out.. the one here and the one below.

"But it is slowly looking more like it might become Hannity's - and (much more importantly) your grandson's."

This is how people rewrite definitions and propagate them throughout a society.. He's even telling you it's how it's done while doing it himself.

This is not your grandfathers conservatism.. No it's not.. and that's the problem. It's not real conservatism.

But it's looking like it might become Hannity's? Well sure it looks that way because he has already arrived at his destination and a long time ago.. It's called neo-conservatism. The reason Rand is more palatable is because he's neo-conish. Some of you are looking at him as a bridge between libertarianism and neo-con's and those two together would wind up like this politically... without the familial ties.

One more small bone to pick... Rand is not a Constitutional Conservative. I am a Constitutional Conservative.. Which many Minarchist really are.

Rand has already stepped outside of those lines concerning his foreign policy.

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